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Originally Posted by JaKaL View Post
I have a question!

Is the lpr adjustable?
I watched your vids and I see a LOT of back block blowback. Maybe a few more psi from the lpr would correct this "issue?"

I absolutely LOVE your design, BTW. From an engineering standpoint it's very graceful. I hoping to gather funds by the 2nd, but it may be a lost cause. I have my wife AND daughter's birthdays next month... Need I say more?
Yes it is adjustable but not in the typical sense. You have to remove the handle and item3 then slightly slim item 7 (lpr setting spacer) 80-120 grit sand paper works nicely. then put it back together and check it again. I have found that 0.005 is about the right adjustment increment. I can easliy do this on my lathe since I have the stock and ability to measure something that close. That is one of the reasons I am offering to assemble and test them for whoever buys one.
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