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Kp2 ft/fs Trade for a TPX?

My Kp2 is on the block. It has a magnum block right feed adapter, Tituspb Delrin KP bolt,Palmer's Dyna Valve , Palmer's Fast Changer and a Tituspb Sheridan valve tool. I do have all the stock parts as well. It does have a RVA and is shooting around 275 according to my yellow chrono. The stock has a few scratches but its over 20 years old the safety does work as it should. I have made a ghost ring for the mag block and it looks pretty good.

Whats included: All the parts mentioned above, stock parts, feedneck adapter(does not come with SM-1 feed stick).

Price$450 shipped $425 shipped for Greenies I know its rather high but this comes with all the stock parts.

Price Drop: $425 shipped $400 shipped for Greenies

Trades: Anything exciting I'm not picky

I'd be afraid to ship to Canada but i'll try it, we'll discuss shipping though.
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