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I have used Mother's Mag polishing compound on my internals and guide rods in my T2 and CCM'd cocker pumps to get the hammer to that mirror finish.

On some of the pumps that I have that are really rough & filthy, I will throw my hammer on a "custom made rod" (aka I went and found some 10-32 redirod and cut it to length) in my hand drill, clean it up with 1000g paper, then hit it with #0000 steel wool and after that polish the hammer with Mother's Mag. This gets the job done fast but you have to pay attention to what you are doing. I have had to sand down CCM hammers to fit in a few WGP bodies and I don't go lower then 400g when I start the process.

I don't like to polish the tail of the poppit because it is machined to fit in the valve body (and CCM does a really good job polishing them in the factory)
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