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I just remember looking around at everyone in my class and there was a look on everyone's face where you could tell no one ever thought the world would be the same ever again.
I wonder how many other people actually had this same moment. I know I did.

I was at work sitting at the "big desk" when we heard about the first tower being hit. We didn't have tvs in the office, but someone heard it on the radio and most of us probably started checking the internet news forums to see what was going on. IIRC, it was initially reported as a commuter plane and we all thought that it sucked, but nothing huge. Then a little bit later, the big strapping macho kid sitting at the desk to my left spun around in his chair and said " the second tower has been hit....What the F..k!" He had tears in his eyes, something I thought I would never see in this kid and I just sat there too stunned to speak. It was at that moment that we all knew something was REALLY wrong. To this day the expression on his face is burned into my memory so vividly that it is probably one of my most enduring memories of that day for me. It mentally effected a lot of people in the company as many of them had family in the NY/NJ area. I can't remember whether or not we even all went to work the next day....

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