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Some sheridan miscellany

First up is a modified sheridan pmi-df. I had intended to make a nice little open class shooter out of this but lost interest. I installed my own wedgits on it as well as drilling out the transfer port for efficiency. It has a dummy 12gram installed and as well as an asa (though it it only suitable for a reg or 12ies, it does not have a pin). It also has a UMB installed. It has an adjustable velocity bolt but no other internals. It will need a lower valve set (older style valve) as well as a pump and plunger/ knob. I have a hammer and back cap that are bored out for nelson main springs I can include. This gives a nice light pump stroke. This would make a nice project for anyone wanting something to tinker with.

Looking for $65

I've also got a P68 body. It doesn't have a feedtube but it comes with a brass cram and jam that would just need to be soldered on to work. The body was supposed to have that attached but it came off in shipping due to a bad solder joint. This is a cartridge valve body. There is also a set of sheridan battle grips. These are very comfy and grippy.

$30 for the bodySold
$30 for the grips

This is an automag powerfeed body, hopper left. It also has an autococker thread adapter I made for it. The adapter attaches by way of the front grip screw. Due to this I am not willing to part the adapter from the body as I don't know if the threads will be properly timed for any other body.

$35 for the body with thread adapter. SOLD

All prices are shipped and OBO. I'm willing to ship to canada but you will need to add a little more for shipping.
I'm also looking for a black palmers micro rock lpr (newer style prefered) if anyone wants to trade.
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Sheridan Misc FS: Grips, bodies

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