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Unique Classic AutoMag



I have been slowly getting out of paintball the past few years and as such, I have decided to sell my beloved Classic Mag. It has served me well, but having it sit in my closet just doesn't do the marker justice. The centerfeed body was purchased directly from AGD a few years ago as New Old Stock. They had apparently found them in a warehouse somewhere and decided to sell the last few off. I haven't really seen too many Mags with this particular body.

The last time I used this gun was several years ago. It shot perfectly and had no leaks whatsoever. As I mentioned before, it has sat in my closet ever since. Because I no longer even have a tank (or paint) to test it out, I am selling it AS IS. Specs are as follows:

68 Classic AutoMag

- Classic Valve with 1 Star
- Level 7 Bolt
- Stainless NOS Centerfeed AGD Body
- Leftfeed Body
- Benchmark Frame
- Twistlock Barrel
- Tourney Lock

Price: ~SOLD~
Method Of Payment: PayPal or USPS Money Order
No Trades.

I don't check my email or MCB every day, so please don't get offended if it takes a couple days for me to reply.


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