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New Noxx55 products: Frame adapters and SC feeds

Some new products for everyone! Some frame adapters and SC feeds. My new machine is awesome and you will continue to see new parts appear on my webstie. These parts will be updated this weekend on the site. Here they are:

PGP frame adapter to use an autococker frame
$20+$2 for shipping x20 available

Superstocker to 45 Autococker frame adapter (includes a custom sear)
These will be ready for shipment next week on Wednesday
$45+2 for shipping

SC feed for autocockers (requires removal of feedneck)
$75+$5 for shipping

Cram and jam style (same as above, but you can jam 10-rnd tubes in it or use a phantom feed tube) Made with aluminum and ball slots milled in the side
$40+$5 for shipping
Sorry, no pic yet

Cheap SC feed that attaches to feed neck or inside locking collar with spacer, CCI feedgate and ball slots
$20+$5 for shipping

Cheap cram and jam (same as above w/ no feed tube)
$8+$2 for shipping
or free instructions on how to build if you PM me and ask nicely (no milling required)
Sorry, no pic yet

Thanks for looking!!!
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