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DT1 Dust Devil prototype (mechanical force feed loader)

So, here it is. ~2 years in the making, patent pending. It's just a touch longer than the APP with pod lid, but about the same height. It's as wide as a HALO at the widest point. Your head is still behind it, so it's not like you are losing anything with its width.

You have to ignore the pod lid, that was part of the prototyping because I didn't want to do a lid. With the pod lid it holds ~80, without it, about 65. It is powered by a clock spring, and is nowhere near the PITA that the Tippmann Factory F/A is to put back together. There isn't much reason to take it apart. A single full wind of the clock spring feeds 113 paintballs.

I designed this because I forgot my Revy one time when I was shooting my full bodied mech Cocker. I had a Winchester on it for the day and while it was so nice to have a lighter loader, the feeding was horrid. So, I made this.

  • Mechanical force feeding
  • 65 ball capacity without the pod lid
  • Easily serviceable, but that isn't going to be often if ever
  • Keeps up with pumps, mechs, and electros

Anyone want to scale the pics and layer them onto each other?
>>> Link to prototype Dust Devil<<<
DT1 Dust Devil want list. Click me! <<Closed for now so I can catch up
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