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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
Dear God. Why don't they make it easy. You have to pull the trigger every time you want a ball to come out.

That would be to easy. Besides don't give Smart Parts any ideas about patenting one ball per trigger technology. You have to give cheats to make the cheaters happy. 3 balls per trigger pull. Sounds lazy to me. Sounds like you will be the last man on the draw either way.

High ROFs do compensate somewhat for that draw but not by much. When you raise you are not bound but high mechanical weight to squeeze the trigger, just by the click of the switch's weight.

Seriously though, I do not think mechanicals will be making a come back in tourney ball. Maybe on the lower levels but not on the premiere levels. It's just electros are here to stay.

Some people I play with never cared for electros. In the past few years, they got electros because they realized they needed to adapt to a newer playing environment. There was a local speed ball field. These are very good players too. The one guy got an e-gun cause it was getting harder to pull the trigger anymore. Playing for the last 20 years with pumps and mags, shoulder and back injuries, did not agree with playing either. I watched the same guy years ago dive into a bunker and come up with such a painful look in his face.

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