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I think that thing on the back is the "Dual 12g thingamajig, from the link:

The dual cylinder Ambush pump-action paintball marker is a must-have for new and experienced players alike. This marker will take you back to the time when the best hiding spot and strategic move won the game. Pump games are having a massive resurgence in popularity and the Ambush will not let you down when that all important single shot counts.

# smooth pump action for quick and easy firing action
# anti double pump design prevents the user from double loading paintballs in the marker
# dual ball stop system prevents misfires and double feedings
# offset feed port for increased visibility and aiming accuracy

Comes with:
# Loader - 50 count capacity low profile design with elbow for increased aiming accuracy
# Paintballs - featuring increased ball accuracy, all weather performace, and a thick & bright fill formulation
# Dual CO2 Cylinders - for improved shot efficiency and increased shots per load
# Barrel Plug - For increased safety off the field
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