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sensationalism. 3000 years old trees are in california very much alive right now. oldest animal maybe, but animal lifespans pale in comparison compared to the rest of the "creatures." even then, the giant barrel sponge is still way ahead of this clam, and yes a sponge is an animal.

News exists to talk about something, and if nothing can be found, to talk about nothing as though it were something.

Don't really watch telly any more, but of course catching it in snippets is unavoidable. Other night the local news were doing a special report on the 'emergency-level' weather, and the hosts at the station were talking to the reporters in the field as though they were standing in the path of a doomsday hurricane. From my vantage point, it simply looked like a common storm. Not even a bad one. Just some mild wind and rain. No lightning.

But there they all are, talking about it like it's a really big deal. A girl in a weather van is showing how bad it is outside. "Look", she says. "Just look at how much water is being splashed onto the windshield."

You know, like it does when it rains.

The station then cuts to a different field reporter and asks him if he is alright, and comments on the driving wind. To emphasize the point, there is a flag flapping on a pole in the background. Not straining, just flapping. This indicates grave danger, evidently. The station thanks the guy for taking the risks to be out there, etc. Right as I'm thinking this is the most absurd thing in the universe, and that I must be in the twilight zone, from behind the hunkered-down reporter there comes a family out for an evening stroll, just casually ambling down the street. And then other people, just strolling about.

The reporter stops a couple of them, asks them with straight face how they feel about being out, and all of them reply that they feel just fine, since it's just a little weather.

Then the reporter looks deadpan at the camera and says, "Back to you Bob," or whatever his name was.

Priceless. Seems like the longer you stay away from television the more idiotic it becomes when you catch it.
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