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Sprint EVO 3D Smartphone - Price Dropped

Near-mint condition EVO 3D for sale. I'm sure if you're into smartphones and 3D photography/video that you have seen one before. I'm not sure what to ask for it, so I'll slap a number up here and see how it goes:
$75 $60 via paypal shipped, or trade
Here's a page with specs.
I've replaced the original battery with a new one, so it will hold a proper charge as any new phone should. I have also replaced the back body panel with a new one, and the front glass has been protected by a hard film up until now.

I'm trying to climb out of debt with this and other sales, but this one sale I will most definitely open up to trades. I'd trade this even for an flawless F2 Illustrator.
I'm still interested if your F2 has some mileage on it, but I'd like you to add a little cash or a neato accessory like a 12-gram lever stock for that rear ASA.

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