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One thing that should help the cold tolerance of this design is the diameter of the sealing dynamic o-rings. They all smaller than the typical spool bolt front sizes. I think I see three that are about "ram" size. The temperature change results in less dimensional change in the diameters of the parts. When o-rings get cold, they get reluctant to make up the difference. Some spool bolts have ~0.875 o-rings on them and the fit is very light.

The other thing is that some modern spool cans are very thin. Even if you ream the bore of the tube, it takes a good setup and quality control to avoid tolerance variations. With a good body wall thickness, the bore comes out consistent and you don't have to rely so much on the o-rings flexing.

So yes, I have hope on that small account, even though I rarely play below 40F anymore.
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