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Tiberius Arms T15

Originally Posted by shinjinian View Post
That would be difficult to duplicate as fs rounds have no lip for the extractor and they're fragile not nearly as strong as brass which can stand up to a extractor mechanism. I do agree about closed bolt, not just for fs rounds but for magfed markers in general.
Well, that and the "whole-round-goes-down-the-barrel-so-there's-nothing-left-to-extract" thing... I think the best bet would be to have some kind of spring loaded breech cover that was big enough to be able to get a swab into or something so you could force jammed rounds out. Even with a firearm the extractor won't always clear a jam, it's meant to extract rounds that were in the correct firing position in the first place. I've had my buddy's 1911 stovepipe and racking the slide did jack all to clear it. Had to eject the mag and fish it out with a small screwdriver.
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