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So I tried her out on c02 (a 12ie) and the lowest she would shoot was 340ish.

Lowest shot on air was 307 fps.. Around 30-35 fps difference between the two.

I went with what I think is the best way to control ball speed - added a palmers regulater asa for the win.. so rva all the way out and reg adj. screw backed out a bit and she's a shooting 296-294-297 with reballs.... ( I had her down in the 250's also)
Temp was around 45* during test shots.

SHot count seems like it will be high also - took around 20 shots with a fitting leaking and then dumped cartridge and there was plently left.
Might get a chance to do some more testing tommorrow.. Will lyk results.

OH- when you shoot this monster she has a "crack" sound to her like no other.
SOunds like a high powered pellet rifle..
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