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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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Who won? And the 'LAPCO' tank rolled over? Wow.

I was there on saturday with a few of my friends kids. My friend was supposed to go, but got called in for work at the last minute So ended up having to be 'dad'. We stationed with the guys at Splat Magazine, which was right next to/behind the Full Clip tent. The first day, there was lots of yelling 'Outta my way, ref', maybe by day 2 everyone was tired of the refs being in the way? Not saying it's acceptable though. On saturday, all 6 upper fields were used and the ridgeline that spanned above the fields. Started at the same time on Saturday(11:00).

To me it appeared that the teams were very lopsided. Many of the tourney and good players were on Malice. It did make it more fun for me as I was on Alice, but I'm guessing for the game Alice got destroyed? It was the first time playing in a scenario, so everything was very chaotic for us.

Zulu- Were you the one that got lit up in the back trying to sneak up to Alice's CP on sat.? For the others, here's the story: an OCMI player was DMWing along the side to complete a mission(I think he had to sneak up to the opposing teams CP). As he walked past the fireline, the guy next to me noticed him and attempted to get his attention as he looked a bit suspicious. The player ignored everybody and continued to walk, looking down. One shot was made and as soon as the shot whizzzed by his head, he took off running. Everyone on Alice's side started yelling and running to get the player out. That's when one of the guys started laying paint on his back, even after his hand went up. The ref had pretty much had to take his gun away to stop the guy from shooting. It was pretty ugly.
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