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The refs who were being shot intentionally were standing against the netting, hence their ire. Plus to top it off there was a confrontation were a player shot a ref after being asked to leave the field of play.

Onto the game itself:

Malice won. It was kinda strange though...

During the "final battle" on sunday afternoon we ("Malice" or "red" team) held the high ground. There was a really good skirmish in the middle of the field.

All a sudden organizers/role players came running over yelling "cease fire!", "barrel condoms on!", "hold your places!", etc. I was with Chuck H from JT and a few of the Hitmen guys and we all thought that there was a medical emergency on the field, etc. The refs even called for everybody to "huddle up" at the center of the field.

Since the announcements had come mainly (IMO) from our side, the Alice team continued to play on with many players taking advantageous positions on the hillside, tape line, etc. Moving unopposed upwards of 20/30+ yards in some cases especially since we'd put our guns down.

Then to make things even more chaotic, other refs called out "keep playing", "game on", etc. without a countdown or any other warning, while other refs continued to have us hold fire on the field.

As best as I can make out: There was a truce between the Alice & Malice roleplayers. Malice (being Malice LOL) shot Alice in the foot ending the scenario. But that part didn't get transmitted to the players until maybe 5+ minutes after the first "cease fire" calls had gone out.

Sonny Lopez from the LA Hitmen tried to keep his guys on the field so we could play some more p-ball, but by then most people had lost the buzz to play & most people were ready to head over to the post scenario raffle, etc.

Obviously this is taken from the Red team POV. Especially since the call to hold fire & the organizers who interrupted the skimishing originated from our side of the field. I'd like to hear from a blue team player on why they didn't get the message to hold in place and cease fire. If it was a true medical emergency or something similar, then it would have been a scary situation.

Getting shot multiple times by players moving and playing on while you're standing in place w/ your barrel condom on is not fun & very frustrating to boot.

Maybe a couple air horns or bullhorns would have been a good field accessory for the reffing staff.

But that being said... I had a great time!
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