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RTR Pump Stick feed / Stock class game at Jungle Island - Saturday 2/15/13

Here is footage from our last game at Jungle Island:

This game will be at Jungle Island on Saturday 2/15/13
Jungle Island Paintball & Airsoft Park - Inland Empire, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego.

Registration will be at 7:45. Try to arrive at 7:30. We have a large group so we need to get started early. Sonny and I will be there with clip boards getting everyones registration slips filled out. Registration went pretty well last time even though I messed a couple things up.

We will have an EZ up and table.
Any questions message me.
Main rule is that you must reload from a 10 rd tube. Sonny talked about 12 grams only but I dont know if that is going to be the case? He'll have to post and confirm.

Game will be Saturday February 15th at Jungle.
•$20 dollars per person for entry without air.
•$25 dollars if for entry with air.

-Must be pump operated (one pump one shot)
-12gr with horizontal feed (preferred )
-12gr with direct feed (stick or small hopper)
-Tank with horizontal feed
-Tank with small direct stick feed (10 rds or less)
-Spring feed magazines for pumps are allowed.

Questions post here and I will answer them.

And not sure if this will work but here is Sonny's facebook event for the game:

And here is the Group Sonny made to promote these stock class/stick feed games:

If I messed up an details please let me know guys!

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