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Ss-25 & co2

I was just reading thru your SS-25 manual, (which I think is fantastic) looking for info about the possibility of setting up the SS-25 in a Stock Class configuation using 12 grams. I attend the Spring Pump Event in Central IL in April and they are pushing to have more games with Stick feed and 12 gram markers. I would like to do it but I would prefer to do it as simply as possible. I would like to play certain games stock and the rest open class with a hopper and HPA without too much time disassembling and reassembling.

In researching I saw that the SS-25 was initially intended to meet the Stock Class "niche". I also saw that people recommend running the CO2 thru the ASA into the reg and possibly adjusting the reg to a different setting. In one of your videos, I saw that you mentioned in passing, that the SS-25 can be fairly efficient on 12 grams.

What is your experience with CO2 with the SS-25? Are changes in spings necessary? Can it go unregulated? Or does it have to go thru the reg? Should I adjust the reg to compensate for the difference in pressure?

I have watched most of your tech videos and have learned a bunch. In fact a couple days ago. I pollished my hammer and guide rods. The cocking rod is in a matte finish, I assume to match the look of the marker. Is it benefitial to polish that too?

One thing that I noticed that might need correction in the SS-25 Manual, is under Xll Maintenance: it says that an "Autococker Valve Tool" is needed. It isn't needed because it has a "Spyder Valve" as I remember you saying in a video.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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