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Hypothetical situation here. Let's say someone has an Enmey and an old Ion ("regular," non XE). Let's say said person was so surprised at how much they liked their Enmey that they would like to convert their Ion to mechanical and closed bolt. Let's say said person bought:

-1 X closed bolt ion kit
-1 X mechanical ion kit with 1 X 3 oring bolt

After that long intro, here are a few Q's.

1. The Enmey takes the Vibe/SP1/GoG bolt, correct? ie. this one
To my untrained eye, the "regular" Ion and Vibe bolt look slightly different.

2. Does the Enmey with one of your bolts still have its anti-chop feature? I imagine yes, but I just wanted to double-check.

3. If one is doing an order already with you and wants to add an extra bolt to said order (ie. an extra bolt for an Extcy), is that possible? If yes, what's the additional cost?

4. If one was to use one of the ANSGear frames (ie. this one ANS Ion 90 Trigger Frame Trigger - D Black ), would a special bracket be needed? If no, which bracket would work--the Ion or Vibe one?

5. Somewhat unrelated, but are you guys still stocking the Mac 43 solenoids?

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