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which to choose mech cocker

Hey guys. i have a CCM SS25 that i wanted to build up for a mech cocker. Using belsales lpr, 3way and ram. Then find a slider frame. I could sell the pump kit to keep the cost somewhat lower. Or purchase a Empire Resurrection. I dont know how to time cockers so after building the ccm id have to send it to someone and not sure who to?. Or purchase a new resurrection and have a warrenty backed by a great company. The store im buying from are good friends of mine and willing to keep the barrel and knock 75$ off the cost as i have a deadly winds fibur x barrel and the new stella barrel coming. Not sure which way to go with this. Another plus for the resurrection is the midblock vs full block. The store said if i trade my ccm in that i wouldnt have to pay nothing if they kept the barrel kit also.

Help lol...
play pump.......
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