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First Pistol I am no illiterate and there was no need to go personal on my post just because YOU do not agree with it.

Second I never said or even argued against a free market.

Third I never said there was not a market for.50.
My POINT was there IS NOT A LARGE or even viable market for the .50
I have no doubt some field somewhere used it.

But lets deal in REALITY. In the 50+ fields (over 3 states) I have played plus 20 or so events I have been at since the marketing of .50 I have been in EXACTLY ONE EVENT ONLY that used it and ONLY BECAUSE the tank was sponsored by GI (with the results reported by THE EVENT PROMOTER).
I may not be all over the country but in my area not one uses .50. That says something.

I also have had a hard time with internet searches finding any fields that use .50. Where a search that looks for .68 blows up the engine.

If you go on any site (be it ebay, ultimate paintball, B/S/T, ect) you find maybe less than 10% (that's being overly generous) being .50 products and maybe 1% in stores.

The facts prove .50 still only exists due to the pressure of before mentioned parties pushing this (IMO) CRAP.

I also do not know EXACTLY if the brothers have a direct control of anything tippman does.

BUT if the company was bought out by a group with connections (at minimum) to the brothers and now tippman is pushing a .50 product any reasonable person can connect the dots.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it most likely a DUCK.

All I am pointing out is .50 as a viable market is quite frankly NOT THERE.

I don't want a good company like tippman to put something out that has BOMBED when other companies have tried it.

BTW not one crack in this post is personal.
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