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Originally Posted by -=ArchAngel=- View Post
Unfortunately, thats not how youtube, the internet, or freedom works.
Their freedom/right to post dumb stupid stuff trumps whatever negative view it may impose on paintball. If it makes you feel any better, a fews years back when the original vid was posted on youtube, we gave em a lot of hell for it.
True- Youtube is unconcerned about a video's impact on the reputation of a niche hobby with a checkered history of legality.

They are, however, concerned with ensuring that their content adheres to their user guidelines, which means that videos of paintball "violence" or "dangerous acts" that violate their terms of service can and will be pulled if they are brought to administrative attention. Where they would draw the line is a matter of subjective judgment, but if they wanted to pull the video, they would...

...and of course the content uploaders would be free to take their video to worldstarhiphop or wherever, because that's how Worldstar, the internet, and freedom works.

And all of that is ignoring the fact that the video Hook posted was stolen to begin with.

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