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Originally Posted by greezypete View Post
You know , I don't get threads like this. They only start flame wars. I confess I was sucked into this one , but I'm though now. Arguing for the sake of arguing is stupid.

I think I have made my mind up to just leave the mcb community because I don't want to spend time in an on-line forum with people that I wouldn't hang out with , and I guarantee I would NOT hang out with a lot of the people here. I haven't been a member here very long , and I know my leaving isn't going to make a difference so...........

Whether you want to admit it or not , in the small time I have been here there have been several threads posted seemingly with the sole purpose of getting people fighting over the Internet.

I may check the b/s/t section every now and then , but I doubt I just hang out here anymore.

I'm done for a while
This was the most antagonistic reply in the entire thread! It borders on being itself a flame, and surely reeks of smoke!

I've read the entire thread and found it to be a very passionate yet civil conversation about a difficult and relevant issue facing our country today.

Great job guys!

I see nothing in these postings that any of you should feel ashamed about, no matter which side of the issue you are on.

There are two side to every business. The management and the workers. If a union can effectively and efficiently protect the interests of both, that union is a viable and worthwhile entity. If they can't understand this, or are just self serving, then neither will last for long.
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