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Truthfully, I'm with Bored; but if the REALITY of this show is what the conversation is about, then...

I don't know Kirkmann well enough to speak about his ego.

I figure by this time most of the people who have survived either were preppers or military, or with preppers or military, or learned through trial and error what works and what doesn't.

On the flip side, I figure the majority of the audience don't know diddly about what would actually work and what wouldn't.

Example: As a ham I can say "why the hell don't they have a two way radio system up and running for communication? They have power (at least 12v from running autos, and we assumed they got the prison generators going earlier in this thread I believe) and access to highways full of cars, trucks, and military vehicles. Grab some CB, or ham radios and set them up! Heck, I don't even need to be a ham! Any trucker should know that!

...and contrarily, setting up a radio station like the one Terminus has set up is much more of a pain in the *** unless you have a broadcast engineer available."

But, I just watch the show and enjoy it even if some things obvious to me are not considered by the writers.
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