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Brain storming for something different this game, Thinking of one team defending the East base and South base and one team assaulting from the Castle. The assault team will need to breach either the south or east base to rescue a "victim" and transport the "victim" to the alternate base which will have to be assaulted to insert the victim. Points for rescue and points for delivery, Points for defense for time segments "victim" is kept. Victim will be part of the defense team and have to be "eliminated" to be rescued (so everyone can shoot). A midway transport station will be established for the transport team to stop at and have the victim roll a d-12 a rolled 1-7-12 will allow the "victim" to go live as a "sleeper" and will need to be re-eliminated by the transport team to continue the delivery.

Assault team and defense teams will switch upon a successful pickup and delivery.

Assault team respawns at Castle, Defense team respawns at the opposite Fort from where they were eliminated, Defense is free to travel between Forts.
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