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I've never been a fan of Line6 products and other multi-effects units. The only digital effects pedals in my arsenal is the BF-3 and MetalZone

I know that they have come leaps and bounds from what they were back when I started playing 20 years ago.

I've A/b'd Line6 effects to their analog counterparts and there is just something that the real thing does that can't be modeled (like turning the knobs on an analog delay, and getting the pedal to make a theremin tone or running a wah before a FuzzFace and getting it to self-oscillate). I had a POD bought in 2004 that I would use from time to time and just sold it off after a while because it never got used live or at jam sessions. I tried using it and it couldn't nail the tones that I wanted. It came close but to me close wasn't close enough.

Even when I was looking at new effects after I got my Vox AC30, there is just something special that stompboxes can do when they interact with an amplifier. I also use a Class A tube amp over a Solidstate amplifier because they interact with the player in such a way and to me sound better.

Think of it like how people prefer a mech cocker to an Ego.
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