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Finally did it...

Well after wanting one for afew years now I finally went ahead a got one, my first kilt.
I didn't want to get to into it so I bought a Sport Kilt in Ninja black (though I might ask to switch it to Black Watch before it ships). I'm extremely rough on paintball gear, went through 3 pairs of top of the line BDU's a year while I had access to a PX store at Dix, even destroyed the knee pads I got from there in quick fashion, combat grade my ***. The only thing that's lasted me all these years has been my Redz gear, knee pads and pants; lasted me nearly a decade but finally after too many washes the pants shrank (leggings got shorter, shut up). I went with a pair of Valkens after that but they only lasted all of 2 uses and Valken pretty much said tough ****.
So I decided what the hell, I never really used the pockets in my pants except for a squeege.
6'4" dude wearing a kilt and rocking a Phenom with a dishka, think I'm asking for too much attention?
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