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I absolutely loved the Rapide I had in the 80s.

It was the first gun that I bought "new". I had rented up to that point. I ended up getting every possible option. ie Back bottle C/A, Direct feed (hopper), extended barrel, with suppressor, foregrip, dot sight, quick-release sling, squeegee mount, etc.

I used it for many years, and love it. The great advantage at the time was you could reload while firing, and it was extremely simple internally (unlike the Advantage, and Barracuda which both had funky linkage for the trigger).

The negatives were no FPS adjustment. The primitive internals made it difficult to do much about it. And the trigger. I liked it. It was much softer then the advantage and Barracuda. But much longer. You need to develop a rhythm- pull, release, pull, release. Otherwise, you WILL shortstroke, and chop a ball. And there is no easy way to clean it out.... so don't shortstroke.

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