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Woodsball World Cup May 31st - June 1st in New York

What with sugarstump putting up the original ESPN footage and the interest it generated, I thought this might be of interest to the MCB crowd.

Jerry Braun and Paintball Sports NY (ie. where the original World Cup was held in 1990) are rebirthing the woodsball world cup style of the 90's with some serious cash prizes.

Woodsball World Cup - Paintball Tournaments

Paintball Sports, Inc - best paintball games near NYC

Hardcore Tournament Woodsball got its launch in the middle 80's and it culminated with the 1st World Cup being held at the Paintball Sports NY fields in 1990. Paintball Sports NY is proud to offer the original game format with many of the original Master Blaster judges on May 31 – June 1, 2014. The game fields were considered to be among the best woodsball fields in the world. The Master Blaster, developers of radio-zone judging, were the premier judges of that era.

But, there's more! This is a Bring Your Own Paint event, with great prize packages, including a $10,000 first place cash prize for the winners of the pro division, and $5,000 cash for the pro runners up. The Semipro/Amateur division will give to the top four teams total of $7,500 worth of prizes in the form of redeemable gift certificates from our major sponsors, and the Amateur/Novice winning teams will split a similar $2,500 prize package.

The 10 man pro team entry fee is just $1,800, the 7 man Semipro/Amateur team entry is $1,000, and the 5 man Amateur/Novice team entry is just $500.

Space is limited. Pros are limited to 20 teams, Semipro/Amateur to 24 teams, and Amateur/Novice teams also limited to 24 teams. So, don't be left out. Big time woodsball tournaments are back. Be part of the revolution.

Jerry has some interesting quotes over in the Pbn page. It seems like quite a few people will be showing up. We even have a couple of small jabs between Jerry and Tom Cole of the UWL to keep the competition fresh.

Originally Posted by Jerry Braun
Hopefully, this tournament will spawn a woodsball league. If enough teams at the Semipro or Amateur level want to play 10 man two flag, we can make it happen.
Originally Posted by Tom Cole
Funny Jerry, thought we already had a woodsball League an Ultimate Woodsball League.
Originally Posted by Jerry Braun
The Woodsball League we have in mind is hard core tournament play replicating the rules of the first seven World Cups of the 90's.

Of course there are other leagues that compete in the woods, the UWL among them.

I don't know of any, however, that takes the players back to the formats of the World Cups and NPPL play of the early and middle 90's.

Jerry quotes. The last one is especially interesting:

We are capping the number of teams at 20 Pro, 24 Semi-Pro/Amateur and 24 Amateur/Novice.

Pros will play a 10 man two flag game. They will play 8 preliminary games.
Semi-Pro/Amateurs will play a 7 man center flag game. They will play 12 preliminary games.
Amateur/Novice players will also play 12 center flag preliminary games. They will play as 5 man teams.

Check out the rules at Woodsball World Cup - Paintball Tournaments

Lots of interest, so I suggest that anyone wanting to play, put down a team deposit of $200 Pro, $100 Semipro/Amateur and $50 Amateur/Novice, with full payment due by May 15th.
As stated Valken is putting in a pro team, so is KEE and Steve from GI Sportz. The Reservoir Dogs have given the same message to Kevin Donaldson and Bea Youngs told me that Destiny is coming. Our friends from the Albany area, Upstate Hate will field a pro team, and Chris Masi told me that Hi Velocity will play pro as well. There are a number more who have shown a great interest, but have not yet committed to attend in the Pro division. There are several individuals and small squads of teams, both in the UK and here who played pro at the highest levels in the early and mid 90's who said they were coming. We said that we would put together a team form that group.

There are many more who are looking to play in the Amateur and Novice Divisions, and I should have a definitive list there by the beginning of May.

As stated, we will close the books at 10 Pros, so anyone looking to attend, secure your spot now to play for the $15,000 cash prize package. In all cases, entry fee must be paid by May 10th.
The All Americans, a dominant team with many championships under their belts are going for the gold once again with a roster containing many former world champions. The roster includes:
- Adam Gardner
- Todd Hugo
- Hans Semelsberger
- Spesh Robinson
- Tim Montressor
- Ryan Moorhead
- Sam Monville
- Chad George
- Frank Connell

- DLX Paintball
- GOG Paintball USA
I really wish this was going to be broadcast. If you're in the area, you may just want to swing by and see it.

Sidenote: mods, feel free to move to the Tourney section if you feel it's necessary. I placed this here as I considered it more "newsworthy" than just "tourney newsworthy."
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