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This is all based off of a casual conversation with Bill at CCM so please don't take everything I say as fact since they have to be fairly sure of the demand for these before they come up with any solid numbers. From what I understand from talking with Bill, it would take about 50 to justify setting up a run of these. There would be a few different ways to do the mod. One would be to send in the Optimizer so that it could be disassembled and have the needed machining done, another way would be if he could make a replacement part for the vertical groove and send it out for you to assemble at home, or he could produce just the dial and leave the vertical groove modification up to you to do (which any machine shop should be able to handle or if you're handy with a dremel, you could probably do yourself). I'm not sure which way would work out better and it would probably determine the price. I would guess that it would be somewhere in the $60 ballpark but it will all depend on how many since the more that sell, the cheaper they could be. If there isn't enough demand for CCM to do a run, I have no problem helping someone like Echo that has access to a CNC machine to make these but I'll let Bill see the interest and make his decision first since he was awesome at helping me out with the prototype to prove how it works. So once again, post up if you would want it and hopefully we can get it rolling one way or another as soon as possible. I started a list at the top of the first page so let me know if you want on.

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