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Originally Posted by Jaccen View Post
Anybody familiar with how it was set up in 1990? What with it being the same field and same organizer, it would be a cool homage if they made it exactly the same as that one.
It was:
Limited paint. Teams were issued a limited amount of paint for each day. This was included in the entrance fee. Each team also was issued its own color. Paint was George Stadler's "Bullseye", and was of reasonably good quality, but there were some colors that were just awful.
Teams were issued their own color armbands, made from "Handi-Wipes". (no kidding).
12 grams only-Lelands-which didn't seal well in Line SI lever changers-also in a limited amount, also included with entrance fee.
No check valves, and you were checked.
Chrono on by a judge with a 12vie that you provided, as well as chrono off. You were checked at a "Splat Table" where a group of judges checked you for paint. Any paint on you was marked with a black Sharpie, which also permanently marked your cammies.

At the end of the first day, you needed to turn in all your paint and 12vies that you had left. If you went to the Semi's on the second day, you were issued new paint and 12vies, of a different color, as well as new "Handi-Wipes" (no kidding)

You were EXPECTED to be wearing clean uniforms, so there was a lot of chaos the evening of the first day with teams who were going into the Semi's trying to launder their cammies, the biggest chaos was caused by trying to dry them. "Tigerstripes in the Microwave" (no kidding). Most of us played in damp cammies.
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