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HPA history

I am just trying to remember it straight...

I remember when HPA was something I was seeing for the first time. I still remember the first HPA tank I saw, which we all called nitrogen tanks, not HPA. I heard about them, but hadn't seen one yet.

I was playing in a big game scenario game at the local field I played at. Back then I had disposable income and played nearly every weekend. This guy dressed up like an officer from star wars had this sweet automag RT I think it was.Crown tipped barrel. Chrome body with the hole bored in it. It was chrome and anodized black and purple and a Z grip. It was sweet. What stood out to me was the huge tank cradled under the gun with the clunky regulator fed directly into the mag via hose.

Early mid 90's i believe.

Here is what I am getting at. I know I have read about it before online. For some reason, I cannot find any history on the HPA tank and when it was first used, who pioneered it, which I believe at the time was AGD.

So some one on here has to know the history. Can i get a synopsis?

AND does anyone have a pic of a really early HPA tank, because they were much bigger then what we use now. Also, what was the original purpose of the first tanks used?

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