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B5 doing my head in

ok i am not new to obb NOR TO b5'S this the third one i have owned....but its driving me nuts.

Ok it looks to have been volumised the bolt has been drille dout for air flow, the internals are all straight ali housing (so i dont expect a broken power tube or cracked valve) and it has a zero kick hammer.

Ok problem one the noids and all modes work you can hear the noid and rod snapping away cock the marker and nothing, the rod does not look mushroomed
2 its like it does not have enough power to trip the sear, so i tried some lube on the sear and cutting the sear spring as it seemed like it was a bit hard/long...that worked i would get one cycle.
3 and the hammer would not recock, (almost like it was staved of is not) i tried a standard a5 hammer, will not even trip it, its almost like the hammer is binding the sear, if i put a little bit of pressure on the cocking handle there is a click and it will cycle......any thoughts?
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