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I find it odd that GI spots makes all their paint in Canada and Canadians say they pay like $300 for paint. Why are Americans paying $40 a case for stuff made in Canada while Canadians pay more than 7 times more?
I have to mention that not everyone will carry GI as well, heck the province I come from I only know of one field that carries/carried GI.

In Alberta Canada Empire paint is the main paint shot. There are usually 2 grades which are either heat/custom blend/formula 13 or for an additional $10-15 a case marballizer/premium.

Typical Alberta price for non members run from $65-$100 a case for the lower quality stuff, then like earlier an additional upgrade paint for $10-15 more. For members/sponsored players it's normally $50-75 a case. At CPPL (Canadian professional paintball league, yes just call it that even though it runs in one province lol) $70 (formula 13) or $80 (marbs) cases is to be expected, but that paint price drop an extra $20 for one xball event that they hold (because logic... I guess).

Tldr :
Not really that extreme, but still Wtf since the move to Taiwan for cheap balls isn't hitting us yet not to mention hi grade stuff now made in Canada =/ (talking about you guys Empire....)
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