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Simple Stick Feed Project

Hey all,
I recently got back into paintball after a two year hiatus. I came back swinging with a Bob Long Vice (fantastic marker) but I found myself bored after only a couple months. Slinging endless ropes of paint had lost its allure so I traded the Vice for an Empire Sniper! Now I play 2-3 times a week for half the cost and twice the fun

Anyways, onto my point here. I couldn't shake the itch for a stick feed so I asked around here and the general consensus was "This is MCB, you're supposed to make your own!" I manage the inventory of a manufacturing company so I had all the tools necessary: a saw that can cut angles, a welder and a belt sander. Simple stuff really. As far as tubing I went with chromoly:

1-1/8" OD .095 Wall for the piece in the feedneck
7/8" OD .035 Wall for the rest of the tube
A phantom feedgate slides right over the 7/8" tubing after a little time on the belt sander.
Cut the pieces at 52.5 degrees to give yourself the 15 degree angle of dangle

And here are the preliminary results:

(Sorry, subpar phone pic)

I still need to either cut slots or drill holes for sighting but that's the easy part. I rattle canned this one but the next will be powder coated, the prototype isn't supposed to be pretty! Plus I have an idea for a funky Z shaped one I want to try next.

Just putting the word out there that I might make a run of these in the next couple weeks if there's any interest. I'll keep you guys posted. If you can't wait then make your own! It's not that hard!

I want to especially thank need4reebs and Walz for their input and help. The people on this forum truly are the best.
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