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!! 1 of 150 OIL SLICK pm7, $300 !!

Few quick things first.
1. Im located in Canada, dont let that deter you though, the shipping process is the same, and the cost is nearly un-effected when it comes to a package this small.
2. Post then PM, please.
3. No trades unless highly in my favor.
4. Dont be afraid to ask any questions.

So here she is, my beloved,1 of 150 oil slick PM7, this thing shoots flawlessly and looks even better.
Comes with a cam drive asa, other than that its completely stock.
I can swap ot the cam drive for a blue/black creed asa if you would prefer that however
I can also include a hater UL board if you would like, for an extra $30
Included is just the marker and the origional box, along with a BLANK WARRENTY CARD

Only issue is it does not have eyes, however it still shoots flawlessly, haven't chopped with it and ive shot around 6 cases through er.

Eye candy:
If you would like any more detailed pictures, or even a shooting video, please just ask!

Price is fairly firm at $300+shipping and fees.
No trades unless HIGHLY in my favor

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