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Thanks guys, I'm really glad you like it!

Originally Posted by jerryjjackson69 View Post
Impressive! I think everyone here is smacking themselves going "How did I not think of that!?". Simple and extremely effective!

Only questions: Bore size on the adapter? And is the round fully loaded into the barrel when the bolt is closed?
It's a fairly simple idea, but there were a few roadblocks along the way. There were several instances where I thought I had completed the project, only to notice another possible issue with the design. I tried to anticipate all potential problems that may show up over time.

The adapter bore ID is .690. I found this to be the perfect size: FSR's move freely, and the bolt still has a pretty good seal.

The FSR is almost fully loaded into the barrel when the bolt pushes it forward. I had to leave a little room for margin of error, but it's nothing significant. It depends on the orientation of the adapter, as well as the actual length of the barrel.

Oh, and I'll probably design a bolt for half-block Snipers as well since they're so popular.
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