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Field work day at Outback Paintball, Xenia OH

We will be trying to get a new field up and as finished as we can tomorrow, Saturday June 28th. The old airball field has gone unused for years. They finally scored 20-some crate panels to use for walls. If anyone is interested in helping build this thing it could be AWESOME! Also, there will be a group or two playing tomorrow as well, so their is the possibility maybe of some play time.

Yes, that is to scale, 1/8" scale (i got bored this week), green lines are ~26' apart (thats how the net-poles are spaced). Figured its much easier to adjust small pieces of poster board than it is to move a 10x10' structure. And yes, i initially used those Micro-Machine army guys to take an 'action pic' and tag all the guys on facebook (Turns out they are about 6' tall in that scale)
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