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South Bay Arms / Mac 1 - Master Blaster Pump

I'm really excited about this piece of history I received from Tim McMurray of Mac 1 on Saturday.
This is a very small production paintgun made off the Crosman MK1 Pellet Pistol which was (one of) Mac 1's first involvement with South Bay Arms (Earon Carter and Stan Russell).

Right now it's just a barrel and pump kit that I will eventually be adding on to a stock Crosman MK1. The Barrel assembled basically screws onto the front of the MK1.

As far as I've been able to dig up, these were made in early 1985, around the same time that Stan Russell and Earon Carter were making Delrin pump handles for Tim McMurray at Mac 1.
I would guess this paintgun predates the Annihilator by close to a years (or more). Annihilators premiered in August of 1986.

Here is Tim McMurray talking about this barrel roughtly assembled on a Mock up Crosman MK 1:

Here is this Master Blaster pictured in Frontline (I'm pretty sure this is the exact barrel setup I receive from Tim:

This is the second of these Master Blasters paintguns (or as Earon refers to it, the Elevator Gun) that I've come across. I would guess production was under ten.
The pump stroke is backwards (since the Crosman MK1's hammer cocks forward instead of back) and as Tim McMurray of Mac 1 says, these were "never gonna fly" and were "more of a development exercise" to test Earon and Stan.

And here is some more info and photos with a brief Mac 1 timeline at the bottom:
Tim McMurray's Short Barrel Master Blaster / Elevator Gun - Old News Paintball History

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