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Originally Posted by Morfesto View Post
I found some info on stripping brass.

You grab an iron pot and fill it with vinigar then stick that on the stove.

Bring it to a boil then bring it down to a simmer and stick your brass parts in there for a little while.

The paint should start to peel then you can brush it off with a tooth brush.

And I found a way to get a patina quickly.

Get a bucket add a shelf about 6" off the bottom place your brass on there and then add 1" of amonia to the bottom in about 1~2 hours you should have a years worth of patina nice and even.
That is so very wrong...

Please do what they say and trade it. It almost hurts when a nicely preserved finish gets removed.

Also, the ONLY way to get a patina is stop polishing the gun and use it for a few years.
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