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How To Make a 45* Stickfeed! Redone

Dunno what happened to the original How to... so here it is remade!

Assembly: 5-minutes.
Shopping trip: however long it takes you to drive to Home Depot.

Home Depot Shopping List:
copper pipe, 3/4-inch (0.75"), about a foot of it
copper 45-degree elbow, 3/4-inch
"Plasti Dip" paint/spray

Assembly Instructions:
Stick the tube in the 45-degree elbow; attach with glue, solder, whatever you have laying around
Spray with Plasti Dip.

You've got a 45-degree stick feed for use with open class markers.
Want a more "stock class-ish" feed? 90-degree elbow.

Add a cap or feed gate to the end to keep paint from rolling out. CCI Phantom gate for extra style points.

Buy a "rubber chair leg foot" at Home Depot and cut it for extra ghetto points or a tight budget:

I love playing with a stick feed.

Its small, light, easy to use...and the rest of my gear load out never needs to change! I have since 'upgraded' mine and bought one that is at a 15* angle so it sticks up much less.

I can put this on any gun with a feedneck. So I use it on my open class pump and even on my Semi automag. We have a few people at my home field who even stick them on their electros!

Anyone else enjoy playing with Stickfeeds??
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