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Custom leather Wallets, card slips, and slim line card holders.

Diomedes Industries is proud to announce five new additions to my leather goods line today. I have designed, prototyped, created, and tested five new slim line minimalist wallet and card slip designs. I have loaded them all up to my Etsy page - or you can order them by PM'ing me.

All of these designs are made with high quality US produced 4 ounce leather in a myriad of colors and hand stitched in various colors with the highest quality braided thread I could find.

Diomedes Industries Card Slip:

Card Slip holds up to 4 cards (or so when broken in) and some bills.

40 shipped.

Diomedes Industries Double Card Slip:

This card slip is made from three layers of 4 ounce leather and can hold up to 8 cards or so as well as a few bills.

45 shipped

Diomedes Industries Lined Slimline Bi-Fold - Top Loader:

For the minimalist who doesn't want to carry a large wallet or amount of items but still likes the feel of a bi-fold wallet. Fits unnoticed in your front or back pocket and can hold up to 4 cards (when broken in) as well as bills. This design has one larger pouch to hold up to 4 cards and a smaller pouch to hold bills.

Diomedes Industries Lined Slimline Bi-Fold - Side Load:

This side load design has two equal sized pouches and can hold up to 8 cards and some bills. This is a bit easier to retrieve cards from when compared to the top loader.

65 shipped.

Diomedes Industries Lined Slimline Bi-Fold - Four by Four:

This is the top of the Slim Line wallets. It has four pouches designed to hold up to a dozen cards and some bills - this wallet can truly expand and contract with your needs.

90 shipped.

I charge 5 dollars for custom letter stamping and initials - but for MCB Customers I will do what you would like for free.

Please check me out on Facebook and Etsy and be sure to like both pages!


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