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TYPHON TACTICAL TX2 Mag fed project

TYPHON TACTICAL TX2 Mag fed project - Codename "Chimera"

The main purpose of this project is to produce a DIY kit that can incorporate parts from existing markers. My belief is that a mag fed marker allows for great variation in design, and not one mag fed marker on the market is right for everyone. This is an on going and evolving project, any suggestions or feedback is appreciated.

Key Features:
  • -Swap upper and lower receivers to allow the use of different magazine types, different engine cores.
  • -Full mechanical pneumatic or electronic options (UTB, stock boards etc)
  • -Push Pin teardown, remove upper receiver, barrel and shroud with 2 push pins connecting upper and lower receiver.
  • -Twistlock shroud adapter allows quick teardown. Barrel adapter built in, common barrel types available A5, Autococker.
  • - Air through stock or tank in stock compatibility
  • - Internally regulated or regulator in stock, depending on engine core and options
  • - Real steel furniture compatible
  • - Riserless upper reciever places optics at near ideal position for use with a mask and stock.
Engines planned
  • -Typhon Large Volume TM based poppit **CONFIRMED**
  • -Closed bolt poppit

Magazine types planned
  • - Milsig round head **CONFIRMED**
  • - Milsig Square head **CONFIRMED**
  • - Tippmann TIPX **CONFIRMED**
  • - Dye Dam **CONFIRMED**
  • - Scarab arms *Probable*
  • - Rap4 D-mag
  • - Tiberius T15

Project will be split into the following objectives:
  1. CAD
  2. Prototype
  3. Beta-test
  4. Production
Thanks for looking!

Renders to be replaced with completed marker as project moves forward..

Bullpup concept

AR9 (CQB) - Tipx mag concept

Partially completed lower reciever pics

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