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I carried one for a couple of years as a backup in the field. They are extremely light and easy on paint, but accuracy isn't the greatest since the barrel isn't round, it's either hex or octagon shaped, one of the two.

As far as reliability, they are close to indestructible in my opinion. I took several hard falls in mine and the only thing I ever needed to do was readjust the 10 round tube back to let the balls drop again. As far as the leaking, some are temperamental with the co2 knob, but like you said once you figure out where the wheel needs to be they hold air just fine.

If you're interested in one let me know, as I have about 30 regulars that still need good homes. They are rental saves. I also have rapides if you would prefer that. Let me know, otherwise good luck on your fact-finding quest!
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