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Okay so today was the first day actually testing the Pyre. After eating some BBQ with Thumper we went back to his house to do some inital testing.

1/31/08 1:35 PM Temp - 55*F
  • Paint: Stinger ~.684 [eggs and dimples if it'll shoot this it'll eat up good stuff]
  • 20 oz CO2 screwed straight into the ASA
  • No adjustments have been made at this point.

Chrono Results
  1. 292 fps
  2. 292 fps
  3. 287 fps
  4. 287 fps
  5. 292 fps
  6. 289 fps
  7. 283 fps
  8. 290 fps
  9. 280 fps
  10. 280 fps
Average =287.2 fps [Note this is straight out of the box no adjustments anything]

We then proceeded to just shoot the gun doing some auto triggering until about 100 rds were fired. The gun started to settle in at the 285-290 mark so I went ahead and banged out another 50 rds and the gun was still staying in the 285-290 range.

We then broke out some Snipers we are familiar with to refresh ourselves on how they feel. Now these Snipers are "Old Friends" well used and we are used to them, definitely "broken in".

Thumper remarked that the Pyre had a smoother pump stroke then our "Old Friends". We did compare the Auto-Triggers between Thumpers Evolution Sniper with homemade AT and his CCM Series 5 with AT and the Pyres AT. The Series 5 AT felt the easiest to AT, then the Evolution and in a close 3rd the Pyre. This is not to say the Pyre was bad because it ATed easily it just had a different feel then what we were used to and it also has not had a chance to break in.

Given the crappy paint we were using the accuracy was pretty impressive for the Pyre and the Wedgits did a wonderful job of holding the position of the paint. The barrel is a 10" non-vented barrel and I am used to shooting a Sniper with a vented barrel so the sound the Pyre was making when fired was definitely louder than I'm used to but not bad. I will be ordering 2 - 12" vented barrels soon .

The trigger is fairly light and smooth which I'm sure will become quite buttery in the near future after a couple cases are shot through it.

After shooting the Pyre some more maybe another 50 rds I decided it was time to adjust it. Now I could have utilized the hammer spring adjustment but since I wanted to decrease velocity some more I thought I go ahead and use the built in reg. I backed off the Reg 1/4 turn which netted me a decrease from 287 fps ave to 265 fps ave. So I increased the reg ~1/8 turn and imediately velocity went to 277 fps ave. The gun also settled down some as I shot the gun I was varying from 275-278fps much tighter then before adjustment. Since this is right where I like to shoot I am not going to mess with it until I can get some break in time.

Overall I've very satisfied with the Pyre's performance and really look forward to getting the air system setup asnd plumbed so I can get out there and doing some playing with it

Right now this post is like notes when I get done testing I'm going to compile all my data and notes into a concise review.

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