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I was just typing out some additional comments in the original post and I thought of a way to affix the front grip more securely. There is an existing hole between the box section and the mag well. I couldn't previously envisage a way to utilize that as the mag well sits exactly half way over this. If I put a slot in mag well I can create enough space to make some small fixings/brackets. The downside is that I will need to redo the box section piece in order to extend the small tab I made, so that it can be bolted in from underneath and form the basis of the bracket.

As the top of the Dye DAM magazine is tapered, there 'should' be enough room for a bracket fixing near the top of the magwell.

For reference I'm talking about the tab and the small hole in the ABS Plastic as seen in this image:

Further considerations:

1) Whilst current magazines just hold in position with friction, I should really look at have a mag release. This will help when I use the box mag as that is much heavier than a normal magazine. I'm also thinking about a ball bearing detent for the other side, but I don't know yet.

2) Wondering whether I should cut the 'nose' off the breech off that is sticking out at present, or keep it to form the basis/mount for a rain cover.

3) Wondering if it's possible to relocate the battery elsewhere so the regulator can fit into the grip??? Alternatively, I may try in a second iteration to place the regulator inside some slightly wider box section.

4) Ideally I need to move the bolt for opening the magazine slightly higher up. I mounted it slightly too low and the tension on that spring is quite high.

5) When I cut the feed neck off, I discovered that the feedneck fits perfectly into the hole left for where the regulator would originally fit. I am going to cut it in 'almost' half and use that for forming a mount for the front of the magazine (filling it with epoxy putty).

6) Front grip: The original regulator cover that looks like a front grip I am considering cutting in 'almost' half and placing that in effectively it's original position by the underslung front rail. Not sure about that yet.

7) I want to use the original SP1 back cap still, so I will try to make sure I get that to fit :-) With this is mind I need to put some thought into how I cut off the back sections of the grip.

8) Eventually I intend to (Thanks to Punisher068's assistance/advice/parts) relocate the solenoid back in it's original position on the board in the grip frame, and extend the lines. I need a female fitting to achieve this or use an alternative solenoid (Such as the PMR 2011/12 variant, but that is quite pricey. I can pick up an entire SP-1 for the cost of this solenoid alone!)
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