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Originally Posted by Crashkt90 View Post
To be honest by a lot of people if you want a quite and less recoil marker you pick the wrong marker. Poppets will always be louder and a bit more recoil. You may be able to dampen it a slight hair, but you'll change the sound signature more than the actully loudness of the gun. If you want a quite gun with minimal kick. I wouldov went with a spool. Pick any gun that has sort of a poppet vavle style it will always have a crack sound with it. Just wanted to throw that bit of info out.

I have to agree with this logic and add another point. The Eteck 4 weighs about as much as a Phantom. I wold guess my hopper weighs as much as it dose. It's light, and it's a poppet. They are bound to make some noise and you are going to feel everything. Personally I don't find it unpleasant in the least, the recoil/kick isn't harsh and very consistent. Compared to some older guns this is not that loud and much smoother to shoot. Change it if you will, but understand it will never be a spooly. If it really bothers you, maybe it's time for a knew gun.
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