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I'm Back

Hey guys

I'm back after a long stressful relocation. Some what settled down. Finally starting a good job Monday. In a place that would have most of you envious. But with all that said. Still have phantom kits.

I have 10 black 1st/2nd gen kits and 1 3rd gen kit
As well as 3 mag kits (am/mm) that ready to ship

1st/2nd gen get kits $75 shipped in states.

Mag kits $120 Shipped in states. If you need your rail and body milled Add $40
And email for address.

3rd gen phantom kit $95 shipped in states

Out of states ask ,usually Add $10 to outside for the most part. priority mail only (unless you want
amuse responsibility over it not showing it)

Making paintball fun again

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