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The top slot and allen head screw was a rental mod for ease of cleaning the field guns. As it required a tool to remove the bolt it would not be good for tournament use.

I don't believe Kent ever did a semi auto Enforcer.The bare slabside body is one I modified, they were all round and heavy originally. The Swarm guns were long barrel modded Sheridan lowers and used the 68 Magnum feedblocks, the Enforcers were scratch built with the thicker walled lowers so the 68 Magnum feed blocks would not fit so they have non-Sheridan feed blocks. Enforcers came with Cooper-T red bolts since they were scratch built there were no bolts to reuse, and the PMI 1 bolts were lacking anyway.

Since we all had been using Enforcers we liked brass barrels but Automags came with aluminum barrels. Soon after J&J started making brass and hard chromed barrels for Automags several team members were sporting them

That patch must be later version or a trading patch perhaps. Swarm did not hand out the team patches to non-members.The sponsors were not on the original patches. Team members got 1 patch per uniform set and added a "retired" arc above the patch when leaving active status.

sponsor patches were separate

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